Awareness 3 Optimal Awareness

Awareness and Intention.

I am often heard to use the words ‘Be Aware’ when talking to students and at times colleagues as what we see on a regular basis or expect to be a particular way may well not be so, or as we had anticipated.

As our levels of awareness expand and especially for those who work with the higher levels of soul and spirit and who shine light like a proverbial beacon we can often attract.

Over the years I have received many ‘channelled or downloaded messages’ and I am guided to share two with you here today

‘In some what you may call rare instances there may become an awareness of something being misaligned however it is not that which thee would term usual.


With the thinning of that which are deemed veils between the multi faceted areas of the universes much is the options and opportunities for awareness such as may not have been felt before and also for the gaining of knowledge of those things which have not been questioned before


For oft are the energies which require that of another to live through or to experience that of life and emotion


Such too may be the case of magic and mayhem as have been riven by those of the dark arts and as thee are well aware by those who would seek to control yay through fear guilt shame and even promise of wealth and riches as well as power for long have such institutions reigned supreme under the guise of good


It is of much benefit that ye share this information and much more which will be given as time progresses for there is much need of those who cast aside the scales of blindness to see of the light’

In combining the Awareness sounds no’s 158 and 166 with a series of Intention sounds including Intention 1 and 2, High Order Intention 1 and 2, Variable Intention and  High Intention Self Adjusting it is possible to create a powerfully exclusive program of benefit to those who work with the higher spiritual realms.

Consciousness of Intention

It is of intention that we speak

Words used by both the strong and the weak

And of intention that we do tell

It will serve you should you use it well

Its levels then be numbered three

And power and might there then do be

In focus and clarity intent too

These are the words we share with you

For intention is not found

In words you use with unfocused sound

Nor then will you clearly see

Unless you focus with clarity

If then of doubt creeps through the door

Then your intent it is no more

So there is power in these three

And in these words we share with thee


The Awareness 3 Optimal Awareness Achieving Absent sessions are approximately 2 hours in length and cost USD $200


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