Awareness 2 High Levels of Awareness

So what is awareness? Awareness is a word a use a good deal, any of my students both past and present will tell you that I focus heavily on two areas, one is awareness, with the injunction to ‘be aware’ the other is trespass and to ‘be aware’ of not going where we do not have permission to be.

Very often the subtle energies or nuances are the ones which are missed or overlooked, we take a good deal for granted as we are constantly bombarded with information in our busy day to day lives.

How often have you thought you saw something? A flicker at the corner of your eye, or a shadow that just didn’t seem quite right, only to dismiss the thought as fanciful or to ignore it completely. As a child we are much more open and accepting as well as much more aware of the things around us.

I am going to ask you to be more aware, to open your minds and your senses to the subtle things around you, to listen and to see with the inner ears and the inner eyes, and to take note of the changes within your perception as you do so.

In combining the Awareness Sounds no’s 158 and no 166 which are both longer sounds at  17 minutes and 22 seconds and 1 minutes and 07 seconds in combination with other specialised vibrational sound programs it is possible to activate  deeper and more balanced levels of spiritual awareness.


The Awareness 2 Achieving the Highest Levels of Awareness Absent sessions are approximately 2s hour in length and cost USD $200


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