Awareness 1

Awareness 1 is the first of 3 powerful awareness programs that have come into being over time, I have used the words ‘Be Aware’ with numerous clients over the years and I continue to believe that our ‘Awareness’ is an important part of our lives.

Some years ago I saw a diagram depicting Above and Below the line thinking that made a great deal of sense to me as the words used within it resonated strongly.

Above the Line Thinking

Acceptance Solution Hero Action Choice Love Results Feedback Hope At Cause Abundance


 Below the Line Thinking

Judgement Problem Victim Procrastination Stuck Fear Excuses Failure Hopeless At Effect          Vagueness React Blame Scarcity

The comment below is from a post shared with me by Tina West, a young colleague a few years ago and talks about ‘Buffer Words’, or the words that people may feel that you ‘want to hear’

Trust your gut more, be on the ball when people talk to you because words are everything and if they have empty truth to them, then what is that really telling you about that person that is in your life?
This is not overthinking, this is being aware of the lies people give you and the false sense of hope that they support you or accept you. If people serve you some buffer words, just smile and say thanks but go no further because why waste your time on someone that actually does not really have your best interest at heart?


Using the Awareness Sounds no’s 158 and no 166 which are both longer sounds at  17 minutes and 22 seconds and 1 minutes and 07 seconds in combination with other vibrational sound programs it is possible to activate a deeper and more balanced awareness.


The Awareness 1 Absent sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and cost USD $100

*For a more in depth Awareness sessions please see the Awareness 2 High Levels of Awareness and Awareness 3 Optimal Awareness programs at

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