ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers

The Autism Spectrum Disorders – Some of the most misdiagnosed ‘syndromes’ including ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s and Global Dyspraxia for Children Teenagers and Adults


One of Sheila’s biggest passions is research, finding the reasons why and then looking for the answers.

Sheila has worked with many children teenagers and adults often classified as Autistic. To often these of ‘misdiagnoses’ or ‘dire prognosis’s are a ‘life sentence’ and she has found that her work may well offer the solution to what is known as ‘The Autism Spectrum Disorder’

Since the early 2000’s Sheila, has created many program based around the ‘ASD’ situation some individually and some combining the talents of others to not just give hope but also to create solutions for those parents and families diagnosed with ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’.

If your child or family member has been diagnosed with ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’, Sheila’s programs may offers solutions for you as a way out of the maze.

 I believe that if you can assist a child, then you do not have an adult with a problem

 Personal or family sessions to identify the areas of your body that are energetically misaligned causing ill health and your body being ‘out of ease’. Online and distance options available. Includes at home use vibrational sound MP3 programs

Distance or Absent Sessions sessions include a Kinesiological report  2 hours USD $500

Family 3 hours Cost USD $650

Follow up sessions if required 1 hour USD $200

Words from grateful Mothers

We have a three year old boy who appeared to have a learning disability. We noticed it and so did his kindergarten teachers. He was a lot slower at learning than that was considered normal. After hearing about some amazing results other parents had with Sheila, we went and saw her. In days we saw a remarkable change and in weeks his teachers were amazed at his abilities with complex jigsaw puzzles and problem solving abilities. Months of worry were relieved by two visits to Sheila and a “do at home program” for our boy. We can never thank Sheila enough. My whole family has now seen Sheila. I highly recommend her to any parent who has a child with any apparent learning disability, for you will see results just like we have.

Denise F.


Hi Sheila,

I just wanted to share with you James’ progress over the last 2 weeks – I have noticed changes but I wasn’t sure I was seeing them because i was looking for them.

This morning we went to speech therapy as we normally do fortnightly.  We walked in he said ‘good morning Jayne, let’s get to work!!!’  He has never said that in his life.

The session progressed with the same enthusiasm, with Jayne looking at me incredulously at regular intervals.  At the end of the session she asked, ‘what have we been doing over the last 2 weeks”.

She apparently chose activities that James was supposed to struggle with, but he absolutely flew through them.  He made a mistake on one of the activities, looked at the situation and corrected it without a word and moved on.

We are absolutely staggered at how quickly the changes are being observed by others.

Cristian is also talking significantly more, even though the ipod (on low) is in James’ room which is across the hallway

Thank you again

Tanya 2012,

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