Teething with Bells1




Teething with Bells1


In babies, tooth eruption or the ‘tooth’ emerging or erupting through the gumgenerally is called teething.

Your child’s baby teeth will appear any time from birth to 27 months, occasionally babies are born with teeth. There is not any ‘normal. when it comes to the timing of baby teeth, every child is different, and we are told that the order in which individual  teeth appear is more important than the time that they appear.

Teething; it can be as painful and distressing in a different version for parents as it is for babies, how do you calm an often upset or fractious and irritable child who is obviously experiencing pain.

A call from a young mother who is a colleague of mine when she found herself in the ‘teething woes’ with a distressed child led to the creation of the ‘teething’ programs.

I had given ‘teething’ some thought over the years, and as in many instances it had gone into the ‘later’ basket; a gentle reminder and as I have often said over the years many of the vibrational sounds that have been created have been ‘ because someone needed them.

Some years ago around 2013 I had created a series of sounds to assist a young student with Temporomandibular joint dysfunction which is also known as TMJ or TMJ syndrome, which creates pain and compromised movement of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles.

The temporomandibular joint or T.M.J. acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. T.M.J Dysfunction can lead to pain and discomfort as well as jaw pain, difficulty in chewing and clicking and locking of the jaw joint are some of the symptoms.


Although somewhat different than teething, allowing that they are both to do with the mouth and jaw it was quite a simple matter to create a ‘teething’ sound.


At 1 minutes and 35 seconds long the ‘Teething 1’ program with Tibetan Tingshaw bells can be played as required on low or silent as the vibrational sounds work on frequency and intention, or be left on repeat especially overnight.


I went on to create a Teething 2 program and then a second series of Teething 1 and Teething 2 overlayed with specific frequencies for a deeper effect.


By adding the Teething programs the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make these program available to a wider audience.









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