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Adult Communication

Again an early Sounds from Source practitioner program at no 7;Communication Adult sounds are based on the theory that more people have fear of success than fear of failure, despite the apparent desire of humanity to succeed in life.

The Communication sounds address the issues and memories stored within the individual cells of the body of the client of such fears of success or failure which may be locked in to the cells on all and any levels.
Following the cellular memories of the body from its conception, and including any rejection by Genetic family members, and all the memories of the genetic ancestral line into which this child is conceived or born, as well as any possible rejection by siblings, and or being wanted as a male child at conception.
These sounds also cover fears in communication with others in individual and or group situations on all and any levels, including written and pictorial communications.

At 5 minutes and five seconds long this is a powerful way to assist with your own communication.

During the many years I have worked using Self Empowerment and Regression therapies with my clients I was aware that many more of them had a ‘Fear of Success’ rather than a ‘Fear of Failure’.

Susan and I spent many long hours discussing this fact and looking at the reasons why this was so, eventually the Communication Sounds were developed to address the deep seated fears we have when placed in situations where we need to communicate.
These can be one on one, in a group, given a deadline to work to, and especially being asked to read aloud.

Comment from Susan – I was working on a project and just couldn’t seem to allow it to happen, as my fear around success was huge. Sheila developed this sound to help me deal with that. Depending upon your own particular issue, you will probably require this sound in conjunction with several others to help you move forward. As you progress, different levels of fears and issues will most probably come up and must be dealt with at that level. I mention this, because for most of us, we continue to strike obstacles or challenges as we progress up the self improvement ladder. Annoying I know, but as long as you continue to move forward in the direction of your choice, then it’s OK – it’s called life.

Communication has been a fascination of mine for many years and has been the foundation of a number of programs both health and business related.

The Communication Adult sounds can be played individually or in conjunction with some of the later programs for confidence and focus.

In deciding to add the Adult Communication sounds to the Home Schooling programs I hope to assist those who are Home Schooling whether by their own choice or not.

By adding these programs on to the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.



Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance with Music and Frequencies


The Sounds from Source Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance sounds no 131 were the fourth of 6 very powerful sounds written in one short day with a foundation or base of the Freedom sounds which were created just over a year ago early 2007. (Yes I wrote some of this a long time ago)

​The Freedom Sounds were unique in their way of being written, and although very short were and still are extremely powerful in the levels of genetic ancestral patterning that they work to.

The title of the Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance sounds looks at and then dis-creates the levels of fear and worry we may have about attempting new tasks and projects and of being in the public spotlight or needing to display a confident persona to the world.

How did this sound came about?

All of my life I have suffered from shyness, horrifically as a small child, and not much better as an adult. Yet most people who know me now would dispute that fact.

I have been described as outgoing and confident in the past and I have laughed and said it is a good front for how I really feel.

Knowing that to share the Sounds from Source with the world as we are instructed to do, that I would need to be prepared to actually speak publicly about them at some stage rather than just ring bells, the Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance sounds were a must.

May they assist others with the same or similar issues

Comment from Susan – Again, as Sheila and I reached the realisation that if we were go out and introduce the sounds to the ‘world’ as it were – we could both do with an injection of serious self confidence. 

​This sound was and is just the ticket. This series of sounds are excellent for anyone who needs that energetic ‘push’ into the marketplace.

This sound also has never been released for sale although some of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:


Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

In recreating this powerful sound I am pleased to be able to offer it as a part of the Your Energetic Business programs for The Speaker Program at www.yourenergeticbusiness.comas I believe that it will assist in presenting from a relaxed and focused perspective.

The Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance sounds and the Focus Activation and Movement sounds fit very well with the third sound in this program of Energetically Fearless and Optimistic from the same series and are suitable for daily use as well as Speaker or Presentation usage.

By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.



Learning Bells

The Learning sounds joined the Sounds form Source programs at number 163


Created in 2005/ 2006. They were created with Tibetan Tingshaw bells and can be played on very low to silent, like the majority of the Sounds from Source programs

Description of sound

The Learning sounds are a combination of the Vibrational sounds which I have supplied for many a child over the years to assist with the integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and new cutting edge information on learning and its processes.

Many a child or adult who is told that they ‘cannot learn’ may have been misdiagnosed with one of the many ‘alphabet soup’ series of disorders as I describe them due to lack of ‘brain integration’ during the first year of life.

My belief that it is possible to ‘activate’ the interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and to improve learning facilities for both children and adults.

Much of the research that has gone into this program has come about through my fascination with the Autism Spectrum Disorder and has assisted in the creation of this sound.

Sound Length 6minutes and 24 seconds

How this sound came about
A discussion with a colleague in Melbourne, who is a Sounds from Source practitioner, led to my broaching the subject of adding this sound to the Sounds from Source programs with Susan.

Now Susan is a lady who doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet, as well as being a Mother, and immediately agreed that this was a ‘must have’ sound, as it would benefit many children. She even went out of her way to organise its recording so as to make it available as soon as possible.

It is also of benefit to adults as well as children.

Description of sound
The Learning sounds can be utilised in anumber of ways; played before you school, while learning to assist in maintaining focus and concentration, or they can be played over night on a low volume to assist with brain integration.

It is possible to ‘test’ the levels of brain integration through ‘kinesiological’ questioning and to ascertain the changes; as ‘brain integration’ should take place around the seventh month following birth the ‘younger’ the child past that time and the ‘quicker’ the process of ‘integration’.

The Learning sounds were originally created for the Absolute Autism program and later became the foundation for the brain and memory programs which became a part of the Absolute Autism series in 2007.

They are also beneficial if combined with the Motivation, Memory Improvement or The Brain and Memory programs.

By adding the Learning sounds to  www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make this program available to a wider audience.




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