Importance of having a regular ‘tune up’

October 20, 2018by ikram fareed

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The Importance of having a regular ‘tune up’ for yourself when YOU are a practitioner from a practitioners perspective.

As a long term holistic practitioner and spiritual and metaphysical teacher I have so many times met practitioers who complain of tiredness or ‘burn out’ or who say  ’Oh I look after myself, or I get someone to do a quick scan over me’

I am sorry however I do not believe that in many instances that is enough.

Sometimes we need an energetic  ‘reality check’ as well as a physical mental spiritual and emotional balance or tune up.

It is my belief  that ‘You’ actually owe it your clients as well as to yourself to make sure that ‘your’ own  energies are clean and balanced.

The habit of  ‘checking  the oil and water’ levels on your car for example are fine,  however your mechanic  will have fitted a small sticker to your windscreen saying a full service is due in 10,000 kilometers for example and that is when your odometer reaches XYZ ,000 kilometers.

So seriously as a practitioner you have an even bigger responsibility to keep your own energies clean and balanced,  and the more ‘work’ you are doing or the more ‘clients’ you are seeing the more important that this is to avoid ‘cross contamination’,

So as a ‘practitioner’ who should be your choice of practitioner and how often should you be booking a practitioner appointment for yourself?

This is a question I have posed to new Sounds from Source students I have trained for many years and the answers / replies have been many and varied.

My ‘general’ reply is that you need to go to someone who has at least the same knowledge skills and understanding as you and preferably higher.


If you are unwell in a general sense of the word you generally go and see your / a G.P. a General Practitioner. If this General Practitioner is unsure of what he or she is dealing with they will refer you on, to a ‘Specialist’ in the field of expertise that you require. Now that ‘Specialist’ may well refer you on to a ‘Professor’ in the same field, i.e. someone who knows more and the ‘Professor’ may well invite you to a ‘combined Professors’ group of his esteemed colleagues if he / she is unsure or want to examine the situation from a number of different perspectives.

Now let’s look at that from an energetic perspective:

There are many energetic / healing modalities available in the world today some if we use those based on ‘Usui Reiki ‘as an example are offshoots from the original program or programs and may offer differing forms or the base program with ‘additions’ For example in the Sounds from Source Reiki and Beyond program I have combined the knowledge of a variety of ‘Reiki’ programs I have studied and incorporated information on Meditation, the use of Crystals and Vibrational sound therapies, or the Krystal Energy Healing program through which is quite different and based more on aligning the spiritul chakras from a higher perspective.

Another example could be EFT Emotional Freedom Technique where practitioners ‘tap on specific meridian points whilst repeating an ‘affirmation’. There are again many ‘offshoots’ to the original EFT program.

From the perspective of the Sounds from Source programs themselves there are not any offshoots, every Sounds from Source related program has been created specifically by Sheila and Susan and are all unique specific and individual in their structure and presentation. Because they are based on channeled information from the body of consciousness that we refer to as Sounds from Source or the Source of the Healing sounds we are well aware that any attempt to manipulate or use these programs in a way that is against their original intention that the frequency and intention held within the sounds will dissipate.

Many practitioners ‘combine modalities’ and it would be my recommendation if you are doing so yourself to access the highest levels of knowledge and information available when you are seeking a practitioner appointment for yourself as a practitioner or as a client.

I have often used the explanation of ‘needing to lower your own energies’ to allow work to be done on / for / with you by someone who’s energies are at a lower vibration than your own rather than that practitioner assisting you to raise your vibration and energies by bringing you into a higher vibration.

If we use the examples of Love and Above here where Unconditional Love is calibrated at a level of 500 then one could question going to a practitioner who tests in the lower levels. Simply ‘saying’ that they are good at what they do does not relate to ‘being good at what they do’

Please be aware and honour yourself

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ikram fareed

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